What is Data Storage

Data Storage Systems are one of the core components of information systems. The ever increasing demand of organizations and corporations to high-performance, high-reliable data storage and access mandates using data storage systems that can reliably store mass amounts of data and access the users requested data with very low latency. Data Storage Systems are responsible to create data, maintain it, and prevent data loss. This is possible only with employing redundancies and fault-tolerance techniques in different components and design abstraction levels. Upon a failure incidence, data storage system can quickly recover from failure and keep the system operational with highest performance to assure continuous service. More Details

Data Storage System Features

High Performance

Capability of processing and handling large number of transactions per second

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About Data Storage Systems

Features of Data Storage Systems

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High Reliability

Capability of data retention in a high secure manner

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High Scalability

Capability of developing storage resources at no performance penalty and downtime

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High Availability

Continuous, high reliable, storage service is provided while assuring no performance degradation within mission time.

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High Capacity

Providing unlimited, unified storage capacity to the servers.

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