RapidStore (RS) is a software-hardware module which performs as a SAB-SE performance accelerator. This product leverages the special characteristics of SSDs such as lower access time compared to HDDs, to improve the performance of data storage systems.

This product is hot-plugged to the system at no service downtime and interruption and can improve the performance of SAB-SE up to 10X, depending on the workload.

RapidStore is designed to increase the performance of both processing-oriented and storage-oriented servers by decreasing the response time and increasing the throughput. RS module can be hot-plugged to all Linux-based operating systems and virtualization environments such as Proxmux, ESX, XEN, and KVM/QEMU improve the performance with no service interruption. RS is totally transparent from applications and does not need reinstall/reconfiguration of software and operating system. RS reports the disks condition and the details of its operation, including the performance gain provided by the RS module. RS support a variety of SSDs. Features and operation of RapidStore are summarized as follows:

RapidStore operation is based on online characterization of the running workload. In the RS module, requests are classified regarding their priority and access rate (captured by tracing the requests footprint) and stored in different disk tiers. The following figure shows different disk tiers:

Hot data (the data with very high access rate) is stored in SSD while warm data (data with average access rate) and cold data (data with low access rate) are respectively stored in SAS disks and low-end disks (such as SATA disks). The performance gain of RapidStore in different servers is as follows:

Application Speedup (X)
Mail Server 3
FTP Server 4
Web Server 2
Database Server 5
Benchmark Performance Test 8
  • Up to 10X performance improvement in storage servers
  • The first data-tiering product in the region
  • Product support and maintenance services
  • Removing the need for purchasing expensive high-performance storage equipment
  • Workload analysis to reach the most performance gain
  • Upgrade of current storage facilities of data centers with minimum cost
  • Supporting all Linux-based operating systems
  • Online reports of system operation and disks condition
  • Install with no service interruption and downtime
  • Application-centric and workload-centric settings and configurations
  • Capable of using one SSD cache for multiple HDDs
  • Reducing response time by efficient use of SSDs and HDDs in storage stack
  • Increasing SSD lifetime by SSD request optimization
  • An efficient trade-off between cost, performance, and storage capacity
  • Providing large storage capacity using low-cost HDDs
Product Operation
  • Workload disk access analysis
  • Recognizing the most eligible data to be moved to SSD
  • Migrating high-accessed data to SSD
  • Data management to improve SSD lifetime
Supporting high-secure environments such as ESX
  • No need to move virtual machines
  • Supporting all kinds of VMs (in Windows, Linux, Solaris, …)
  • Facilitating the execution of more VMs in one server

Studies on the RapidStore module show that this module can improve the performance, including bandwidth, IOPS, and response time by orders of magnitude.

Figure 1 shows the performance gain of RapidStore in database application. This figure shows that the performance is improved by orders in a few seconds after installing RapidStore.

IOPS for different RAID configurations for random workload with and without RapidStore (write-back RapidStore)
Bandwidth for different RAID configurations for random workload with and without RapidStore (write-back RapidStore)
Average Response Time (lower is better) for different RAID configurations for random workload with and without RapidStore (write-back RapidStore)
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