High Scalability

The storage needs, in terms of both capacity and performance, are growing by business development. One important feature of data storage systems is capacity and performance scalability by adding more disks, array controllers, and storage nodes. Emerging storage architectures tend to offer high scalability with no downtime and minimum effort by using modular designs.

What is scalability?

Scalability refers to the ability of system growth in terms of capacity and performance, while keeping the system stabile and assuring the expected quality of service.

In SAN storage systems, the scalability refers to the ability of addressing predicted needs by developing all storage components such as disks, network cards, connections protocols, and power supply. These developments should impose no downtime and minimum service degradation and be transparent in the end-user side. The scalability feature is usually neglected when purchasing a storage system. However, this feature should be considered regarding the provisioned need and development rate of business.

Extendable components of a data storage system
Storage Capacity
One the most growing needs of businesses is storage capacity. Storage manufacturers facilitate increasing the storage capacity by adding new disk enclosures.
A storage system should support increasing the number of disks and employing higher capacity disks.
Adaptor Cards
Adaptor cards role as an interface between servers and storage system. The system should support adding more cards to improve bandwidth and increase the number of users.
Resource Management
Resource manager is responsible for managing all software and hardware resources. Developing other storage subsystems increases the load of resource manager, mandating the development of resource manager as well.
Cache Memory
Cache memory is a key component of SAN storage systems, tackling the high disk access time by caching mechanisms, using high-speed memory types such as DRAMs and NVRAMs. The size of cache memory directly affects storage performance and should be extendable to handle future performance needs.
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