User Interface

SAB storage system is equipped with a comprehensive and user-friendly UI, offering a simple and efficient usage experience to both expert and newcomer users. Using this UI, the user can handle all operations defined in the SAB storage system.

UI of SAB storage system is designed for simplicity of user interaction, based on the state-of-the-art storage concepts.

SAB is enhanced with a user-friendly UI, enabling traversing and administration of storage system with the following features:

Major components and capabilities of SAB UI:


This page provides global statistics and information about the current situation of storage system, including total used capacity, errors and warnings, and global storage system information.


This panel enables creating Pool using different RAID configurations. One or multiple pools can further construct an LUN. Creation, renaming, and increasing the Pool capacity is considered in this panel.


: LUN is a key concept in storage system and is considered as the logical unit of user data storage. LUN panel enables creation, remove, renaming, and increasing LUN capacity. Moreover, corresponding LUNs to different Storage Groups is also provided in this panel. Storage Group is of important security mechanisms, restricting unauthorized access to LUNs.


RapidStore is an exclusive product of HPDS Company, enabling the use of SSDs for data tiering purpose. This product transparently manages and stores data in different SSD and HDD tiers, increasing the performance of low-capacity transactions up to 10X.


One of noteworthy SAB features is supporting hot spare disk. Hot spare disks can improve the availability of storage array by orders of magnitude and reduce the probability of system downtime caused by human errors. The backup disk can be automatically selected or be selected by the user. Moreover, the hot spare disk can be assigned globally or exclusively to a specific Pool. The Hotspare panel enables creation, remove, and change of hot spare disk.

Host Info

This tab is dedicated to the management of hosts which are currently connected to the storage system. Using this facility, the details of all connected servers can be checked. It also enables configuration, enabling, and remove of server connection.

Access Control

This is an important component of SAB UI, providing a high level of security management by restricting unauthorized access of connected servers to other servers’ information. This tab provide facilities such as creation, remove, and renaming Access Groups, Adding/removing LUN to/from Access Group, and adding/removing servers to/from storage system.


SAB UI enables monitoring of entire storage system including hardware components, events, and performance. Storage system administrator is also enabled to observe the instant input/output flow and the latest system events:

  • Hardware Status

    This part provides a graphical monitoring and verification facility for all hardware components.

  • Events

    All storage events including warnings, errors and global information are observable by storage system administrator.

  • Performance Monitoring

    The Monitoring facility of SAB UI is distinguished from its competitors by its useful reports such as input/output transactions per second by the resolution of Pool and LUN, bandwidth usage, and input/output request response time by the resolution of Pool and LUN.


All storage settings are provided to system administrator in this tab:

  • Network and DNS

    Provides all network settings including network configuration, enabling/disabling network cards, and DNS setting.

  • iSCSI

    Provides all iSCSI and FC (connecting severs to SAB) settings and modification and removal of CHAP protocol. CHAP protocol assures a secure data transport between servers and storage system.

  • User and Role

    This part enhances storage security and restricts unauthorized access to storage system. Creation and management of users and defining/management of access levels and rules are provided in this part.

  • SMTP

    Using SMTP protocol, SAB storage system is enabled to send storage events to system administrators and users. This tab enables configuration, removal, and modification of SMTP protocol and email recipient.

  • System

    This tab enables global system management and settings such as time and date setting, turn off, and reboot.

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